Acadsoc Reviews: About the Hiring Process,Salary.

After passed the demo class . Acadsoc TM was able to provide all the forms that applicant needs to fill up including the bank details

When applicant was able to passed course test and her supervisor ask for her availability to teach.

Each class last for 25 minutes and you will only be given 5 minutes break to Pee.

Maybe first week is stressful because you doesn’t have professional teaching experience.

Although even on your first week you already experiences to teach students with different ages.

The most unforgettable experience maybe is when you receives a complain due to poor internet connection

The application is fast. After 1-2 days that you can submitted your application she already receive an update and the application process started .

The Acadsoc provided options to choose if you want to work full time and part time

You can also choose specific time to plot her schedule 2-3 weeks after she started teaching.

Salary wise it is really possible to earn up to 60k pesos  per month . It is just a matter of skills and time that you can give for teaching. you may satisfied on the salary that you are receiving and since its homebased it is very convenient  on your end