Acadsoc Hiring Process

1. Equipment Requirements

  • PC or laptop (at least Windows 7, Intel Core i3, and 4GB Ram)

  • Has a stable DSL / Broadband / Fiber Internet connection with 3 Mbps Download and 2 Mbps Upload

  • Noise-canceling headphones and HD webcam


*Updated process of interview is no longer person to person interview but instead it is like an artificial intelligence

its not real time.

*The questions are recorded

*The answer should be recorded within 15-30 seconds in the link that the Acadsoc will provide

Accent and grammar will be one of the bases if the applicant is capable/ qualified to be a tutor


*Training will be discussed 1-2 days for 1-2 hours per

session with Filipino Trainers

*Skills will be assess by the trainers

*There will be Mock demos with overview

of Acadsoc class in and process of teaching

*There will be an assesment by MT thru final demo to know if you are

qualified to teach and also it will be the basis of the starting salary.

*Quality analyst will also help the FINAL DEMO assessment

*The fixed hourly rate will be base on the final demo assessment.

4.TESOL Exam

*The TESOL EXAM is a certificate to teach .

*You will be given seven days to take the exam with maximum of three takes to passed the TESOL exam.

5. 24 courses for Teaching

*You need to take the 24 courses which includes the teaching books in conducting classes

You can take each course 20-21 times until you passed the course.

Once you passed the courses you are

An official Acadsoc Tutor

Peak hours of teaching is 5pm -11pm