Acadsoc Landed on CCTV 2-CCTV Finance and Economics Channel

Acadsoc was recently featured on CCTV 2-CCTV Finance and Economics Channel, and the CEO agreed to a CCTV news interview. Acadsoc has always adhered to the meaning of education in its growth, engaging professional global educators, innovative technology, and high-quality content and service to continuously develop China’s online children’s English platform.

Acadsoc earned C3 and C4 rounds of funding for two months in a row in 2020. After its launch, the online ESL platform has completed its eighth round of funding. Nonetheless, Acadsoc has gone global. They seem to have developed in such a short period of time.

People are forced to stay at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, there’s been an increase in the number of online ESL services. Acadsoc did not become complacent but. Instead, they improved the efficiency of their platform and its teaching services. In the face of competition, Acadsoc turns to the heart of education, emphasizing on the hiring of competent and authoritative teachers to enhance children’s learning. It also inspires users and establishes a good reputation, but it also gains the favor of capital, which provides sufficient impetus for the company’s and industry’s growth.

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