Acadsoc Salary: How Much Can I Earn?

It’s a newbie-friendly position, as we provide instant and professional supervision, as well as comprehensive teaching training and a Free certified TESOL course.

The initial rate will be based on your teaching skills, experience and performance during the demo class. Thus, hourly rates are unique to each teacher as they are based on the factors mentioned.

Every year, the hourly rate increases depending on your performance score. A teacher must comply with the required number of teaching hours, student ratings, and good conduct in order to be eligible for hourly rate increase.

Each teacher is required to complete at least 4 hours of classes per day. Teachers who teach below the required minimum will not be able to receive the completion bonus.

Trial tutors have the potential to earn more than their counterparts. They can apply through their TM to have their performance reviewed and decide if they are fit for the position.

We have millions of students in China, which means lots of classes are needed thus more class fees for our teachers.

In this type of field, patience and perseverance are the main factors that will contribute to your success. An online ESL teacher must be willing to take the high road to thrive in this industry.

In addition, you will earn more with our Bonus Scheme: Attendance Bonus, Completion Bonus, Referral Bonus, Enrollment Bonus and Top Tutor Bonus. High monthly earnings amount up to PHP30,000-60,000.