Acadsoc Reviews of 2021, About Device Requirement, Salary Package and More.

Acadsoc Hiring 


What is Acadsoc?

Acadsoc is one of the leading companies in the country with over 40 Million students across China. Every year, there are thousands of students from China who need teachers like you to help them become capable in their future career endeavors by learning English. It is also one of the companies that you can rely upon if you want to begin an ESL teaching career or stay at home while earning a decent salary. But before you go ahead with the application, below are the requirements you have to keep in mind before applying to Acadsoc.

Acadsoc Requirements: ESL Teaching

You must be at least 18 years old and above. There is no restriction even if you are still a college student or an undergraduate. Acadsoc wants to give equal opportunity for everyone who wants to be an ESL teacher. They are not strict when it comes to degrees or academic achievement. As long as you are knowledgeable in speaking English, have good grammar, and can easily adjust your speaking pace depending on your student then, you are qualified to apply!

Computer Specifications

One of the major things to consider before applying is to have a working computer. It’s indeed a positive factor that you will be willing to purchase a computer after you get hired. However, Acadsoc discourages applicants who do not have a working computer yet. A computer is a major requirement even during the interview as the company assesses if its specifications will pass the demand of the job at this stage. Below are the specifications that the company needs for you to pass the device assessment:

  1.   You either have a Desktop or Laptop
  2.   It must be at least Windows 7 and up; MAC is also accepted
  3.   At least 4GB RAM for multitasking purposes (opening of lessons, teaching platform, etc)

Internet Connection

Having a stable and reliable internet connection is also a major factor before getting accepted.One must have a DSL or broadband connection with at least 2MBPS of Upload Speed. It is also suggested to use a LAN Cable to refrain the internet speed from slowing down during classes especially if many people are using it at home.

Webcam and Headset

Other vital requirements for teaching are a working headset and webcam. Many people are asking if they can use regular earphones in ESL teaching and the answer is NO.

Acadsoc allows the use of earphones only during the interviews. But, during the demo and actual classes, one must be able to provide a proper headset with a microphone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a noise-canceling headset for your first ESL experience in Acadsoc as long as you are in a serene environment when teaching. There is a list of reliable noise-canceling headsets to choose from once you have saved up and ready to purchase one. It is recommended to use such headsets for better and comfortable teaching experience.

Your built-in laptop camera is good to go so long as it gives a clear image reception when teaching. You can also purchase your webcam. A4Tech is one of the most dependable yet affordable brands when it comes to webcams. Many ESL teachers use their cameras for teaching, too. Make sure you are working in a well-lit environment as well. You may use a lamp or ring light to brighten up your background.

Does Acadsoc Require Teaching Experience or Certificate?

The answer is NO! Acadsoc welcomes ANYONE open for new opportunities to teach English online with or without experience! Now, do not forget to mention in the interview if you have certifications or experience in online teaching. This is essential for the company in determining your hourly rate once you are hired. It’s not a requirement but it can be an advantage!

Acadsoc Reviews: What to Expect

Acadsoc will not require you to speak Mandarin when teaching. Also, most students already know basic English that is why you need all the effort and patience to share your knowledge with your students. You can also use an online translator (Papago Naver is very reliable!) if you encounter a beginner student. Do not worry about crafting your own lesson plan as lessons are all provided by the company!

Salary Package

Others expect to receive a high hourly rate when they work as an ESL teacher however, this is not what one must expect if they have zero knowledge about the job. Even if you are from a BPO or a call center job where you have to speak fluent English all day, ESL teaching is a very different industry from BPO. Yes, you have to speak English but you also have to help a non-English person learn it at the same time.

Your hourly rate will depend on your capability as a teacher and this is determined during your demo class. The key is to give your best during the demo class! Your best will be a basis for your hourly rate. A salary increase is also possible in the company. It’s not based on how long you have stayed with Acadsoc- it depends on how good you are as a teacher.

There are two types of Salary Packages in Acadsoc and these are the “Old Package” and the “New Package”. Old Package is for regular teachers and New Package is for teachers who are only looking for a part-time teaching job and want to have a flexible schedule.

Old Package Salary

This is a salary package where every single class is paid where it’s:

  • Unbooked
  • Booked
  • Canceled by Student
  • Absent Student

A teacher is going to get paid whether the above circumstances occurred or not. But of course, this is also a kind of salary where you have to work hard during peak hours (7 PM-10 PM). Old Package is effective as long as a teacher maintains at least an 80% booking rate. Since everyone will go through a probationary period, one can request to have more slots once they are regularized.

New Package Salary

The demand for part-timers keeps increasing together with the number of students, so Acadsoc created this New Package salary. This is where classes are only paid when booked. This also offers a more flexible schedule where opening of classes is allowed from 10 AM to 11 PM. Remember, this kind of salary package means No Class, No Pay.

Wondering if the 40,000 salary is possible? The answer is…


Because Acadsoc provides bonuses to their ESL Teachers which can be categorized from:

  • Class Completion Bonus
  • Regular Attendance Bonus for Regular Teachers
  • Enrollment Bonus
  • Other Incentives within the month

Combine it with hard work and efforts? For sure, you will have more chances of earning! The key is to maintain good ratings, at least an 80% booking rate or higher! One tip for salary increase is to gain more re-enrollment and trial classes. Your performance is everything!

Work at the safety of your home, earn as much as PHP40,000, learn more about English- all of this is possible in Acadsoc!