Acadsoc’s AI + Education Is A Genius Breakthrough In Providing Quality Online English Education

Shenzhen Acadsoc LTD, a well-known educational technology company, has innovated a new way to integrate education and technology. Since its establishment, the education platform accurately positioned technology to empower a new way of learning by and introduced cutting-edge information technology to help high-quality English teaching in the development process.

Just recently, the 2021 China Internet Conference hosted by the Internet Society of China was successfully held in Beijing. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, new businesses, and new formats, modern education under the changing times is facing major opportunities and challenges. During the conference, the “Smart Education Summit Forum” co-sponsored by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the China Internet Association Command and Education Working Committee was successfully held. With the theme of “Empowering Education, Wisdom Enlightening the Future”, many experts from the Internet and education circles discussed the topics of information technology and AI empowered education.

With the help of AI big data analysis function, Acadsoc provides students with suitable learning methods in accordance with the students’ aptitude through in-depth understanding of each student’s learning ability and learning habits thus improving their learning development. At the same time, the machine also helps students to better adapt to diversified international accents and improve their comprehensive ability to use English. In addition, daily class scheduling, course supervision, and learning evaluation can all be optimized and upgraded with the help of AI technology to help the management team better optimize teaching work.

Acadsoc is actively exploring the digital transformation of AI-enabled quality education. Through the continuous exploration and application of AI technology, it constantly seeks new breakthroughs for improving students’ English learning. On “Interactive Classroom” of the Acadsoc English APP, Acadsoc combines AI technology, through three links of dialogue, sentence-by-sentence practice, and sparring. An AI intelligent scoring system is also used to evaluate and score the user’s reading comprehension, intonation, and pronunciation.

After years of practice, Acadsoc’s “public welfare classroom” has effectively broken the barriers of educational resources between regions, allowing regions with backward educational resources to comprehensively improve the level of English use and comprehensive English literacy with the help of advanced teaching models and professional teaching resources. On July this year, Acadsoc joined hands with Shenzhen Venture Capital to go to Heyuan Shangxi to carry out poverty alleviation and charity investigation activities, and sent a charity learning gift package to left-behind children. Enabling inclusive education through science and technology, popularizing high-quality English education resources to more rural schools, and making English quality education inclusive.