Acadsoc Flies With the Help of Quality Teachers

Acadsoc, whose mission is to help Chinese children speak English fluently, clearly requires that all foreign teacher candidates should live and work in a country whose mother tongue or official language is English for a long time, and pass more than five rounds of qualification examination and layer upon layer of screening before they can officially become a member of Acadsoc foreign teacher team. However, if they want to stay in Acadsoc foreign teachers team, they still need to regularly accept the teaching quality sampling test of the foreign teachers management team and the classroom feedback of the students, and optimize their teaching ability according to these opinions.

Acadsoc has also reached a cooperation with the British authoritative certification awarding agency ascensis, which will train, assess and issue TESOL certificates to its foreign teachers, so as to ensure that all of its foreign teachers hold TESOL certificates. On the official Foreign Teacher Qualification Query system, users can check the teachers’ teaching qualification and all other useful information.

Besides strict control at the source and real-time supervision in teaching, Acadsoc also invested a lot of energy and funds to provide better community services for foreign teachers, build a more conducive environment for the development of foreign teachers, and help them improve their teaching skills. After obtaining C3 and C4 rounds of financing in 2020, Acadsoc once said that they would expand the recruitment scale of foreign teachers to attract more excellent foreign teachers to join the English learning team of Chinese children.