Acadsoc and National Geographic Learning Strategic Cooperation

On March 22, the online children English education brand Acadsoc and the National Geographic Learning have reached a strategic cooperation. Acadsoc has officially obtained the authorization of Reach Higher series products under the National Geographic of the United States.

This is also the first time since 2018 where the two sides will further build content.

Acadsoc introduced the Reach Higher series as its star teaching materials, which are high-end English Learning products, and are currently used by more than 10 million students. As one of the mainstream primary school textbooks in the United States, the Reach Higher series is compiled according to the Common Core State Standard (CCSS) and is widely used in the domestic and international markets of the United States.

It is understood that the original photos and true stories of National Geographic Learning are widely used in the Reach Higher series of courses. In addition, as an interdisciplinary teaching material, the course pays more attention to the expansion of the English language knowledge and the interspersed use of articles of various genres, so that students can learn science, history, humanities and other interdisciplinary knowledge while reading.